How To Style Your Polo T-Shirts

How To Style Your Polo T-Shirts

How To Style Your Polo T-Shirts

Polo shirts are a timeless piece of garment and have been a classy choice for any occasion. A man's wardrobe isn't considered complete until he owns some polo shirts. It is considered to be a classier alternative to a basic T-shirt. Still, this elegant piece of garment hasn't received much enthusiasm as it should have.

The polo shirt doesn't have to be formal or ordinary, it can be combined with many elements to create a trendy look. Polos are the ideal blend of casual and formal, making them an exceptionally adaptable garment to have in your closet.

Here are the finest ways to wear a polo shirt regardless of whether the temperature increases or falls.

Jazz Up With A Suit

Polos are uniquely versatile garments. They can be worn on formal as well as casual set up. The polo shirt is a more formal alternative to the traditional T-shirt and may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wear a polo shirt with teamed with wide-leg trousers and a blazer to get a relaxed touch to any smart-casual ensemble. Darker tones like navy, grey, and charcoal are an easy go-to for a sophisticated look. The trick to pulling off this ensemble is to button up the two-three buttons in the placket of your polo neck t-shirt to create a formal look.

Grey suit with maroon Polo tshirt


Search For Stripes

If you want to add something quirky yet classy to your outfit, a striped polo T-shirt could be the best option for you. They can be paired up with chinos or denim with loafers to get a fun casual look.

Bold block stripe polo shirts can skillfully draw attention and your outfit will be recognized for all the right reasons.




Be Beach Ready With polo and Shorts

If you are looking for an outfit that exudes a fun and casual vibe, a pair of Polo shirts and shorts can be the one for you. Polo t-shirts paired up with shorts can be the perfect summer outfit. Pair up your Black polo with grey linen shorts with high-top sneakers for your ultimate beach outfit. Opt for above knee-length shorts to make your legs look longer. Tucking a polo shirt into shorts is not recommended, it appears to be a bit too preppy.


Go casual with sweatpants 

Looking for a laidback casual look pair up your polo with sweatpants. Complete your look with fashionable low-top sneakers, weekend bag and you are good to go. This athleisure look is perfect for gym sessions or game nights. One thing you should keep in mind is to wear well-fitting and clean clothes to avoid appearing sloppy and don't be hesitant to add a burst of color to stand out.

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Pair With A Pullover

A very easy style that can be put together in a few minutes would be wearing a pullover on your polo. This look can give sophisticated vibes with the comfort of a close-knitted polo T-shirt. You could experiment with contrasting colors of the polo and pullover but be sure to pair your polo and the trousers in a monochromatic scheme of colors.

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Choose the Chinos 

Chinos fall in between semi-formal and smart casual and are an excellent choice for pairing with a polo shirt. Chinos and a polo t-shirt combination are perfect for those who want to wear a simple yet elegant outfit without giving much thought.

For a preppy, back-to-work look, combine a short-sleeved polo-neck t-shirt with a pair of tapered chinos and sneakers. Keep the polo untucked and keep the accessories minimal. 

Dashing in denim

We all know how denims can create an uber-chic look to an outfit. Styling a polo-neck with denim garments and pieces is a sure-fire technique to exude retro vibes that will instantly boost your suave appeal.

Layer a denim jacket over your polo neck tees for a sunny 80s vibe. Or you can never go wrong with the classic look of basic white, black or blue polo necks with blue jeans in a stone or light acid wash.

My goodness! there are a lot of different ways to wear polo t-shirts for men. Here we tried to give as many ideas as we could so that you could use them the way you want and make your unique style.

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