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About Us


Fascinated with the concept of power dressing?

Welcome to GHPC, Refining the sartorial experience for young and driven men. Testament to Timeless Elegance and sophisticated styles designed for forward thinking men.

Designed for the AM-to-PM Transition

We understand the dynamic lifestyles of today’s professionals. From the first morning meeting to the last evening engagement, our extensive clothing range ensures you maintain a distinguished presence. GHPC provides a timeless range of Checked shirts, linen, premiums, striped, cottswool, and stretch pants.

Our cottswool shirts offer the best of both worlds: comfort and breathability combined with the warmth and coziness of wool. Perfect for those chilly winter days and nights, our cottswool shirts are ideal for keeping you both stylish and comfortable. 

Available in various colours and designs, they're perfect for pairing with formal trousers or chinos for a polished, put-together look. Don't compromise on style or warmth this winter – choose GHPC's cottswool shirts and stay comfortable and stylish, all season long.

                  So shop and walk into any room with great CONFIDENCE! 

Breathe and move with ease: Promise of 100% Cotton and 100% Linen

When it comes to designing the perfect outfit, the choice of fabric is paramount. Made from 100% cotton and 100% linen, the styles don’t just lend unparalleled solace; they echo our commitment to pure, enduring quality.

The breathable nature of our chosen fabrics ensures comfort across all seasons. Whether it's winter's chill or summer's warmth, GHPC is your year-round fashion companion.

From Semi-Formal Brilliance to Casual Sophistication

Looking for an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between the boardroom and the bar? Our semi-formal collection will have you effortlessly shifting gears.

Whether you treat yourself with checkered or striped shirts, you can wear them to your workplace and after-office parties. Yet, we understand that not every moment demands formality. Hence, we’ve poured our decade of expertise into crafting casual pieces that don't compromise sophistication. Every detail embodies our promise – a blend of ageless style and modern edge.

A Legacy of Satisfaction: Celebrating a Decade of GHPC

10 years in the fashion world is both an eternity and a moment. Our compass has been our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our customers throughout this journey. Serving over 4 million customers, each with their unique tastes and preferences has taught us more about men's fashion than we could ever have imagined. This wealth of experience reflects in every stitch, every seam, and every silhouette of our clothing.

Fast Shipping for the Fast-paced

Time is of the essence for the modern man. And when you find that perfect outfit, you shouldn’t have to wait. Our promise extends beyond the crafting of impeccable garments. We ensure they reach you with the swiftness you deserve. Experience fast shipping tailored for the pace of today's world.

Come and delve into world where fashion meets functionality

                                          Formal wear should be anything but boring!

Life is too short to wear monotonous styles, and our printed shirts collection is a testament to that. Join the world where the legacy of traditional tailoring combines with the needs of the modern man. A world where every garment tells a story – of quality, commitment, and class.

So, what is stopping you from purchasing your favorite styles? Step up your formal wear game and explore our range of styles TODAY!

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