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Article: Best Summer Outfits Ideas For Men

Best Summer Outfits Ideas For Men

Best Summer Outfits Ideas For Men

Best Summer Outfits Ideas For Men 

When the mercury starts to rise, so does our excitement for the summer season. Summer brings the clear sky, light air, longer days to name a few. Although we can’t wait for the season, summer and fashion don't go hand in hand for men. While in winters it's easy for men to assemble an outfit but in summers it's not that simple to choose an outfit and still feel cool enough. The question that confuses everyone is how to look good when it's awfully hot and humid.

That's why we have prepared a list of summer outfits for you, so you can enjoy the summer season to the fullest without breaking a sweat. Make this summer your chance to ditch the preppy appearance and embrace the latest summer fashion trends. 

Classic Jeans And T-Shirt

The first look that we should talk about is the classic combination of jeans and T-shirts. We think no outfit is more classic than jeans and a t-shirt. The look is the most simple way to spruce up a casual ensemble without much effort.

There are many ways to assemble a casual look with jeans and t-shirts for example black jeans and a dark blue V-neck t-shirt, black t-shirt and white jeans, green t-shirt and dark blue jeans, and many more.

A More classic look could be pairing up your acid wash or distressed slim fit jeans with and white/black T-shirt. This look can never go wrong.

Remember to always strive to create an ensemble that is not overly crowded. If your jeans are vivid in color or design, pair them with a t-shirt that is solid and neutral in color or design, or has a simpler overall design. If your top is busy, you should choose pants that are simple in pattern and color. 


Funky Printed Shirts

The summer season is an ideal time to experiment with colors and prints. You could play around with various prints such as paisley prints, geometric prints, floral prints. The amazing part is that printed shirts can go with almost everything.

Make no mistake that a printed shirt is not formal, they are more versatile than you may think. You could create a formal ensemble with micro prints and slacks and to complete your outfit pair them with oxford shoes. Our advice is to wear bold printed shirts with shorts or chinos to make a statement outfit. This look will work exceptionally well for vacays too. A floral printed shirt with beige/khaki shorts could be your go-to outfit if you want to give more relaxed and fun vibes to your outfit. 



Shirt Over T-Shirt

Shirts and t-shirts are such versatile separates that it makes a great combo for the summer season. The main benefit of wearing a shirt with a t-shirt is that it lays the outfit, adds comfort, and gives you a relaxed style.

To get this casual fun look pair your solid T-shirt with flannel or checked shirt with breathable denim trousers and sneakers. Don't forget to complete this cool look with your sunglasses.



Polo T-Shirts 

Polos are the ideal blend of casual and formal, making them an exceptionally adaptable garment to have in your closet.

Polo t-shirts are a must-have in your wardrobe and have been a classy choice for any occasion. The polo shirt doesn't have to be formal or ordinary, it can be combined with many elements to create a trendy look. 

There are endless ways to style a polo depending on the occasion or vibe you are trying to exude. For example, pair solid polo with khakis to give vacay vibes or pair it with solid trousers to get a smart business casual look.

If you are still not sure about how to pair up your polo T-shirt check out our post on 'How To Style Your Polo T-Shirts

Linen Co-ords

Linen has numerous qualities, like absorbency, strength, abrasion resistance, anti-allergic properties, and more making them the best choice for summers. Get yourself linen co-ord or mix and match with linen shirts and trousers or shorts in your current wardrobe. This two-piece set will give your outfits a new lease on life. For weekend lounging, opt for a matching tracksuit set. Matching shorts and top sets to create your new holiday uniform. Accessorize your new co-ord set with the appropriate accessories. But it is important to buy a well-tailored pair that fits you perfectly. Always choose neutral colors like brown or beige that have some substance to them.

Source: Hugo boss

The chino pants 

The Chino Pants are a staple for nearly every occasion and season. Chinos are made with cotton in twill weave and are cooler alternative alternatives to jeans. 

There are many ways to style your chino: pair your chinos with a printed shirt to make a statement or go casual with a t-shirt the choice is yours.

Though khaki and navy are the norms in terms of color, don't be afraid to experiment with more expressive tones. In the summer, off-white chinos can work well from day to night.

Source: Beyoung

The Summer Suit

Everyone understands that a suit is a must-have item in every man's wardrobe but wearing a suit in summers can sound like a death sentence to many men. A traditional suit in scorching heat could be a recipe for disaster due to its heavy wool fabric, restricted movement, and constricted fit. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of options available specifically for summer. So rather than opting for traditional suits which almost are made with wool you could go for lighter and cooler fabrics. You can opt for linen for a more casual look or light wool. Camel, sand, and light grey or blue hues are all possibilities. Darker shades of blue and grey are also suitable if you want something more classic. But summer traditionally is the season to play around with colors and patterns. So ditch your mundane beige, white, pastel shades and experiment with bold colors and patterns this summer season.

These suits can make you look and feel cool. You could also wear a polo under a linen or cotton blazer for a smart casual look the choice is yours.



We hope you now have the insights about what you need and how to spruce up your outfit and look sharp in the summer heat after reading our article. If you're looking to assemble the outfits we talked about, do check out our latest collection of summer wear at GHPC. Here you can find the broad collection of printed shirts, polo shirts, and much more.

As John Mayer says “A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about”. So this summer season make the most of it.

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Our anticipation of the summer season grows as the temperature rises. Among the benefits of summer are longer days, lighter air, and bright skies. For males, summer and fashion don’t go hand in hand, even though we are eager for the season. Men find it easy to put together an outfit in the winter, but it might be difficult to choose an outfit in the summer and yet feel sufficiently cool. The most perplexing subject of all is how to look attractive in very hot and muggy weather.

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