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Article: 12 Ways to Style Your Check shirt

12 Ways to Style Your Check shirt

12 Ways to Style Your Check shirt

If you like it or not, at least a check shirt will be there in your wardrobe. Leave it if you like it, but if you don't, stay there for a couple of minutes to check whether you truly hate it or you falsely style it.

Here we have 12 different ways to style your normal check shirt to create a super classy look.

Let's check what works and what not with your check shirt.

1. Open check shirt over a white t-shirt

    Be the checks in any colour, wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath will make it a perfect street casual. Dark colours like red, maroon, blue and deep green are good to pair over white. To make it more attractive, add accessories like a beanie cap or aviator glasses.

    2. Plaid shirt with denim

    The ever classic look, plaid shirt with denim jeans is one of the simple yet elegant looks anyone can easily go for. Keep your check shirt untucked on the slim fit dark denim. Dark denim and dark plaid shirts are amazing combinations to create a stylish monochromatic look. Superb with sneakers or boots and you can add a cap to make it extra casual.

    3. Checkered shirt with a suit

    Pair a plaid shirt with a suit to make it perfect as a formal evening style. We may tend to think that whether checks and suits can go well with each other, try pairing your light shade check shirt with a navy blue or beige suit. You can complete the whole look by wearing brown loafers or brogues. Add a pocket-handkerchief and a bow tie to get a classy finish.

    4. Checkered shirt with a jacket

    Wear your bright check shirt with a parka jacket or windbreaker to make it interesting. You can opt for a leather jacket too, that can give you enough warmth and comfort. Try the maroon check shirt, brown jacket and dark denim combo to look sleek as well as casual.

    5.Checkered shirt with coloured pants

    To add a pop of colour to your outfit wear coloured pants instead of the usual denim or neutral coloured shorts. A checkered shirt will look gorgeous with camel or tan pants and you can experiment with bolder colours too. Make it fun with a tie and buttoned sweater.

    6. Checkered shirt and waistcoat

    A waistcoat over a plaid shirt is perfect for a semi-casual look. If both the shirt and your coat are patterned it will look crowded and mismatched. So here you keep in mind the colour of the waistcoat should be plain and dark to avoid crashing with your patterned shirt. And pair them with contrasting pants too.

    7. Checkered shirts with a sweater

    Sweaters over the check shirt look cool and comfy. A plain sweater and check shirt can create a sleek look, and it is great when they both are in contrasting colours. The collar of the shirt visible through the sweater keeps a nice balance between the solid and check combination.

    8.Checkered shirts and hoodies

    Make a simple outfit by pairing your check shirt with hoodies. Hooded sweatshirts are so cool and casual, but when you pair them with the plaids they are just outstanding. Solid hoodies especially those neutral shades will match with any coloured plaid shirt. So don't miss this super combo.

    9.Checkered shirts with long coats

    As we said about jackets, long coats are also good to go with your plaids. Both light and dark shaded long coats can be tried over your checkered shirts to look stunning in cold weather.

    10. Button up your checkered shirts

    Button up checkered shirts and dark skinny jeans are smart casual outfits. Pair your leather loafers or deck shoes with them without socks. To have a hipster look you can open the top buttons of your shirt.

    11. Checkered shirts and chinos

      A tan shade or yellowish beige chinos are perfect to pair with your light checkered shirts. When neutral coloured chinos and trousers add formality, checks can give the entire look a casual feel. They can complement each other and make your look interesting.

      12. Tuck in your checkered shirt

        It looks simple and humble when you tuck your check shirt into your jeans or trousers. You can choose a nice belt too. A pair of lace-up leather boots and normal loafers are good to go with the look.

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