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Article: 10 Best Clothing Colour Combination Ideas for men: A complete Guide

10 Best Clothing Colour Combination Ideas for men: A complete Guide

10 Best Clothing Colour Combination Ideas for men: A complete Guide

Goodbye to pink for girls, blue for boys tradition, gents fashion concept tremendously changed during the last decade. Even those rustic and manly choices of colours in men's fashion gave way to more openness in trying with different combinations, both subtle and bold. Now, no more girlish boyish colours, but just colours!

Here we have a few colours and their combinations for your better knowledge of the true colours of manliness.

  •  Brown
  • To find what colour you should pair with your brown suit or a tee-shirt, first understand that several colour gradation falls under the name of brown. Shades of light brown like tan or camel brown to dark brown shades closer to black and coffee are also there, so a clear understanding will help you choose the best combination for it.

    No surprise, white can match any shade of brown and will look gorgeous too. A white formal shirt can pair well with your tan brown pants. Other light colours like lemon yellow, light blue, off white and cream are also the best combinations for brown. It doesn't mean that it can not go with darker colours like black, navy blue and forest green, they will look amazing with them too if you made a wise choice based on the shade of brown you have, along with the consideration of which type of dress you have, whether you have a brown tee-shirt, formal shirt, pants or a suit with you.


  • Beige
  • Beige is one of the cool and popular colours in men's fashion, which can pair with almost any lighter or darker colours and can be used for both formal or casual occasions too.

    Though it can be paired with darker colours too, the light shades of blue and green, colours like turquoise and pista green will go best with beige. And the dark colours maroon, brown and burgundy will look great when pairing with the yellowish beige colour.

  • Black
  • Bold and beautiful among colours, black is always loved by designers and fashion followers. Flexibility to pair with any colour makes it the all-time favourite. You can make contrast combinations by matching it with white, off white or any other soft and lighter shades of blue, yellow and pink.

    Striped tee-shirts in bright combinations of black and yellow, black and red, black and purple will give you a casual look while pairing your black suit with the light colour shirt can make you ready for any formal occasion.

  • White
  • As you all know, a quality white shirt is a wardrobe essential if you are someone who often attends official meetings, even if not too, a white shirt is a must-have to wear with that cool jacket of yours, to get ready for any grand function. Then how can white be off-trend ever?

    To make a striking look with your white tee shirts or shirts choose those shades of blue, brown and black to pair with it. You can try beige and other neutral colours too, as white also works well with a variety of colours.

  • Red
  • Should admit red is the boldest colour, but careful consideration while selecting those colours to pair with will make it balanced and neutral. Red and black is the popular combination but wearing your red tee shirt with a cool navy or beige will balance the bold and hot look into a more classy and stylish one.

    Red is not just red, a good variety of shades are available like wine red, deep red and crimson etc along with the shades maroon that is close to red. So have in mind the gradation of colour when you are pairing it.

  • Green
  • If you don't want to be more soft but gentle, shades of green can do the job. Choosing the right hue of green can be tricky, but worthy, as the most flattering colour for men.

    Olive green and forest green are darker tones in green, can be well complemented with beige and white while the lighter shades and sap green will be best with black and burgundy too. Your brown or navy denim will suit best with a green half sleeve tee-shirt, too cool and manly.

  • Grey
  • No hard rules, light grey can pair with any other lighter and softer colours, be it white, light yellow, sky blue, soft pink etc. To m ake the darker grey, more elegant, partner it with black or burgundy but consider the category of clothing while choosing. Any shade of grey can go with white, a classic combination to highlight virtue with attitude.

  • Burgundy
  • However stylish a colour burgundy is, not open to style with any next hue, select with caution as it can complement and kill your whole look. Though you can select any neutral colours like grey, white and black to match with the burgundy shades in your closet, navy and beige will also help you to uplift your burgundy love.


  •  Blue
  • Blue is bright and appealing in men's fashion. Light to dark, baby blue, sky blue, prussian blue, ocean blue, cobalt blue and deep blue, the shades of blue seem to be endless. Know well the hue you have, to pair it without clashing. Navy blue and deep blue shades can go wrong with black, instead stylish with brown and maroon. A white shirt and navy denim is an evergreen combination to look cool and casual and will enhance your appearance for sure.      


  • Pink
  • Pink can be manly too if paired well. No other shades will look more simple and versatile than pink if you try partnering it with grey, white, blue, tan and black etc. Though pink was not into men's fashion for years, now choosing the light shades of soft pink, purple and light crimson is common and fashionable.

    Colour combinations in clothing, depending on your knowledge of trends, either can complement your personality or can ruin your effort. Be it for your party night, or for an official meeting, the colour you carry can reflect the colour you have within. 

    Always choose the best with GHPC to reflect the man in you. As nothing less than the best you deserve, we have the best of casuals and formals to help you look better and feel better every day.

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